((( E ))) is Audio/Visual artist based in Japan.

The 1st Album "TRANSPORTATION" was released on February, 2024-

In 2023, the first two Music videos in the name of ((( E ))), titled "Glitter Electron" and "Quiet Chatter" were officially selected and screened at over 30 international film festivals, including The 70th edition of Sydney Film Festival in Australia, ANIFILM 2023 in the Czech Republic, and The 12th edition of Supertoon in Croatia. These screenings resulted in the receipt of seven awards.

A Poster for the Music video of "Glitter Electron".

A Still from the Music video of "Quiet Chatter" Directed by Yuko Kanatani.

Since 2020, Aoyama± changed the artist name to ((( E ))), and started the production of first album along with accompanying promotional Music videos.

In 2019, Solo works titled "Catabolized Guitar Solo Nos. 1 to 3" by Aoyama± was released from the hitorri label as a commemorative CD for Ftarri (Tokyo) Open 7th Anniversary. Limited to 150 copies with serial numbers.

In 2018, Aoyama± played the "catabolized guitar" involving alterations to the internal wiring of the electronic guitar and the transplantation/mixing of circuit boards from different devices.

In 2012, the performances by Aoyama± were conducted using video signals as audio. And he created audio-visual works titled "Video underground NO.1" and "Video underground NO.2" using this technique. Since then, he've attempted to play electronic music using various devices and methods, such as circuit bending and analog synthesizers, and held concerts for several years.

Between 2006 and 2011, Aoyama± was involved as a vocalist, guitarist, and synthesizer player in the band "Gurinfield no After dark". And released an Album titled "Soul Anonymous".

In 2005, Aoyama± started singing and playing electric guitar at live houses in Tokyo.

Between 2002 and 2004, He was an painter. And was in several bands.

In 2001, He produced an animation short film titled "Yoru no soko" (Bottom of the night). This work received an Excellent Award at the 2nd Yuri Norstein Award held in Tokyo, featuring the esteemed Russian animation artist Yuri Norstein.


In the mid-1990s, He started songwriting, composition and audio recordings works using a cassette multi-track recorder.


Contact: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee023@gmail.com